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Refer a friend, and they will receive a free 45-minute consultation. You will receive $100 after their first paid hour of consulting services.


Terms & Conditions: Referral fees are paid for new referred customers only, and for consultations that take place within 12 months of the initial referral. If more than one person refers the same client, only the first referral fee (based on the date the email referral was sent) will be paid out.

We are not responsible for referral payments or claims that we cannot track back to our system, broken links, or where we cannot track the referral back to the individual sending out the referral. If you are an educator or work for an educational institution, please check your institution's policies before submitting candidates for referral. We will not pay a referral fee if it is against your school policy to do so. Void where prohibited. We reserve the right to discontinue this offer, or to change the terms of payment at any time.

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You are receiving this message because I thought you might be interested in learning more about Admit Advisor (, a consulting service that helps candidates develop their application and essays for MBA programs in the US. They offer a free 45-minute consultation to new clients.

Admit Advisor specializes in helping international students develop their business school applications and essays - maximizing their chances of success. Admit Advisor helps to package, review, and edit your essays and experience in a competitive and compelling manner to maximize your chances of admission to your selected graduate program.

Admit Advisor has successfully helped students get into top MBA programs including Stanford, Wharton, and Michigan. For more information and an overview of services, or to sign up for your free 45-minute consultation, please visit Thanks!

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