Margaret Luh is the founder of Admit Advisor. She is a Marketing professional based in New York City. She obtained an undergraduate business degree from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, and received an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Margaret has been involved in the admissions process as an alumni interviewer for both the University of Pennsylvania and The Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also previously worked in Investment Banking and as a Media executive, and thus, has extensive experience working with and hiring MBA students from top US programs.

She has advised and interviewed candidates for MBA programs, and has helped students gain admission to schools including Wharton, Stanford, and Michigan. Margaret started Admit Advisor because, in the course of working with American and international students on their MBA essays and applications, she realized that international students often failed to present themselves as aggressively as their American peers. They often stressed academics over work experience, or did not present their experience in a way that best showcased their background.

In addition, she found that international students had unique needs when it came to reviewing essays for grammatical construction and writing style, and also when selecting schools. Since international students did not have peers who attended school in the US, they often did not know where to apply, and selected based on quantitative criteria. Margaret believes that qualitative factors such as quality of life and school location are just as important as academic criteria, and through Admit Advisor, we can help international students make more informed decisions about school selection.

Through our extensive network, we have access to graduates of many of the top schools – including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Sloan (MIT), Michigan, Dartmouth (Tuck), Columbia, and NYU. We also have access to recruiters and hiring managers of top banks, media companies, and Fortune 500 companies that can provide us with a perspective about MBA graduates from each school, which we then use to advise you on school selection in both the pre-application and post-acceptance phase.

Our consultancy is one of the only firms that focuses on the needs of international students applying to school in the US. Because we are small, we are vested in your success. Our location in New York City allows us to attend various school-sponsored admissions sessions, which helps us keep you up-to-date on admissions criteria, and provides us with continuous access to hiring managers and graduates of top MBA programs.

Work with us to maximize your chances for admission and position yourself for the greatest opportunity for success. We offer a full range of services that can be customized to your individual needs.

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