We will help you with the MBA application process – including selection of schools, your letters of recommendation, essays, and the presentation of your application.

The best possible MBA application presents your personal story accurately and concisely, highlights key accomplishments, and shows lessons learned in the context of a successful career. A great essay is readable and engaging, and helps you stand out as a unique candidate in the midst of a crowd of similarly accomplished individuals. We will not write your MBA essays, but will review your written essay, help you develop a compelling story, and edit and correct your English where necessary.

For those just starting the process, we can help you decide which US business schools to apply to. We reach out to our alumni network and to MBA admissions departments to help you determine which schools are best for you. Once you choose the schools, you need to understand what these schools look for from their applicants, and then you should construct essays that best position yourself for admittance. We also help you select the right people to ask for letters of recommendation. For those who have completed their essays and applications, we help you improve your essays, highlight important achievements, and position your experience to greatly improve your application, and to maximize your chances for admission. We go one step further with our international applicants to help them with English grammar, suggested wording and structural improvements to their essays.

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Free Initial Consultation (45 minutes, $0)
No charge. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

This initial consultation provides you with a chance to get to know us, and to get answers to strategic questions you might have. Discussion might include:

  • Discussion of your background, your goals, and where you are in the admissions process.
  • Discussion of services and rates
  • Learning how we can best work together to achieve your goals
  • The opportunity to ask us questions or ask for our advice.


Hourly Services ($250 per hour) more information

  • General Consultation and Strategic Advice – School Selection: Research and selection of programs and schools to apply to.
  • MBA Application Materials Review (2 hour minimum)
  • MBA Essay Development Strategy
  • MBA Essay Revision and Editing (3 hour minimum)
  • Resume Review (2 hour minimum)
  • Recommender / “Letters of Recommendation” Consultation
  • Interview Strategy and Preparation
  • Post-Admission Advice (1 hour of free post-admission advice with the purchase of any service)


Essay Review package ($899 for the first school. Additional schools are $799 each)

Includes Essay review plus 2 turnarounds.

This package is for the applicant who has completed his or her MBA essay. We provide strategic suggestions to improve your essay, and appropriately highlight your achievements and maximize your chances of admission. We also provide editing, English grammar, and structural advice. (Please submit a completed business school essay for our review).


Admissions Review package ($1,499 for the first school. Additional schools are $1,299 each)

Admissions package development and review, essay review plus 2 turnarounds. Recommender consultation, resume review.

This package is for students who would like us to review their completed MBA essay and entire admissions package. This package allows us to see the candidate more holistically, and improve the essay, the resume, and the application as a package, helping you to highlight appropriate themes, strengthen your overall message, and highlight your achievements. (Please submit a completed business school essay and application package for our review.)


Comprehensive package ($2,699 for the first school. Additional schools are $2,199 each)

Admissions package development and review. Strategic development of essay theme, essay review, 2 turnarounds, recommender consultation, plus up to 3 hours of strategic consultation. Additional hours are discounted at $199 per hour.

This package is for the student who has not started working on their application package. With this package, we help you develop your application and business school essay, and work with you to complete your essay and application and select your recommender. The 3 hours of strategic consultation can be applied to resume review, school selection, or any other service. Additional consulting hours with this package are discounted at $199 per hour.

Refer a Friend, and we will offer them a 45-minute free consultation, and pay you $100 after their first hour of paid services.
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*Turnaround Time: So that we can provide the appropriate personal attention and critical feedback to your application, each essay or application review normally take 4 to 7 business days. Ask about our Expedited services for a 1 or 2 day turnaround.

** Prices are subject to change.